caught instagraming. I really like taking pictures of people taking pictures of stuff idk 

Origins is a volunteer based coffee and tea shop and all of their profits go directly to helping girls who have been a victim of the sex trafficking scene. They work with a network of professionals who all give time to helping the girls in whatever they need. One girl’s pimp had tattooed his name onto her back, essentially branding her as his property. When she was rescued the network was able to contact a plastic surgeon who removed the tattoo. This is the type of change and work I try to focus on - working for free, to give freedom. 

It’s always cool when a piece of my work takes off. In the past few weeks some of my wedding work has been picked up by magazines and trade shows here in Sac, I’ve been booking some weddings, and now I have the chance to advertise with the leading NorCal wedding planning magazine basically for free in return for some video production they want done. That’s extra cool too because they don’t represent or refer any videographers, so there won’t be any competition. So heres to the 30,000+ people who are going to be seeing my work really soon! Thanks so much to those of you who have been here from the start, I appreciate you all a ton.